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Just a few years ago, villa, penthouse, apartment or condominiums in Panama have cost a lot of money. Today, however, the real estate in Panama dropped in price and local realtors have much more affordable deals. For the price of $100,000 today you can buy real estate in Panama of 80 square meters. Cost of penthouses and villas in Panama were also dropped, so today everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of enticing offers and buy property in the country that represents a pure democracy.

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Regions of Panama: Retirement in Panama

If we tell you that Panama is one of the World’s Next Top Retirement Destinations, you probably would think that we are out of bounds. 
The great thing is that very few people know about this country yet.

And right now, because Panama is in the middle of a short-term economic crisis, the opportunities for you—as an investor, or retiree, or someone looking for the perfect place to live or work full - or part-time - are...well...almost too good to be true.

As a potential investor, particularly if you're looking for real estate or business opportunities, this country's recent troubles offer a short-term window of opportunity.

Today, you can purchase real estate in this country for substantial discounts of its market price.

Experts project properties, for example, to appreciate by 100% or more in the next few years. There are some good reasons this will happen...

First, real estate prices will turn around quickly as the country moves out of its current recession. Second, as Panama becomes a Top Retirement Destination, prices will rise, just as they have in other places like Mexico, Ireland, and Costa Rica.

As a potential retiree or part-time expatriate, this country offers advantages unequaled anywhere else in the world: near-perfect weather, a low cost of living, one of the world's best offshore tax and banking systems, excellent infrastructure, great restaurants and hotels, a stable political and economic situation, and the world's best discount program (on everything from mortgage rates to utility bills) for retirees (better than Costa Rica's famed Pensionado program of the 1980s).

If this sounds like an opportunity worth considering...we would like to give you the whole story...and show you the best way for you to begin investigating this situation for yourself...

Right now, Panama's economic crisis equals opportunity for you.

Panama, you see, offers certain advantages over every other Central and South American destination.  Advantages for the investor, retiree, and resident. Tax advantages. Privacy advantages.
On top of that you will find some of the world's most beautiful mountain, beachfront, and island property here. Add to all of this what we consider The World's Best Incentive Program for Retirees and you've got something worth paying attention to.

Panama is the safest place in Central or South America and the Pinkerton Global Intelligence Agency recently gave Panama its highest rating for tourist safety. And it is the most developed country south of the United States (home to some of the top companies in the world, including over 80 banks, among which are some of the world's biggest, and also other giants such as Federal Express, ExxonMobil, Citibank, Continental Airlines, Marriott, Price Costco and Bell South).

Panama has a stable government, a stable currency (the U.S. dollar is legal tender since 1904), banking, shipping, exports and virtually no inflation.

In other words, this country is the exception to the rule in Central America. As The Economist recently reported, in Central America, "Panama has stood apart, sustained by its canal, banks, and free-trade zone."

In short, Panama offers a great package. Yet very few foreigners, particularly Americans, consider Panama as a travel destination...and even fewer think of it as a "retirement paradise."

Panama has a long way to go before it can rival its northern neighbors Mexico and Costa Rica, as a tourist destination. But this is good news for investors...because it means... prices are still very low. And the upside potential may be great.

Panama is beginning to be noticed by America's mainstream press:

"Panama is the most beautiful retreat in the world and almost undiscovered," claimed a recent article in Harper's Bazaar.

"Known mostly for its canal, Panama is, in fact, an undiscovered tourist paradise," stated a recent travel article in the Boston Globe.

The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and National Geographic have also published long travel articles this year praising the undiscovered delights Panama has to offer.

Not only is Panama receiving more tourists, it is also becoming one of the focal points for a trend that is taking shape in the United States. Living and retiring overseas, something that was once reserved for a few very wealthy individual - is now an idea that mainstream America is catching onto.

Panama is going to be at the top of the list for Americans and other foreigners looking for warm, inexpensive and adventurous places to retire and live in. In fact, it already is.

The May/June 2001 issue of Modern Maturity (the largest consumer magazine in the world, with more than 20 million readers) rated one region of Panama the fourth best retirement destination in the world, following such perennial favorites as the Costa del Sol in Spain, Cinque Terre in Italy, and Provence, France. And the magazine ranked Panama City among the top five places in the world for an "inexpensive" retirement.

Panama City: an affordable cosmopolitan city

If you prefer city life, Panama City is probably one of the world's least expensive cosmopolitan cities.
Here you will find world-class restaurants, entertainment, rainforests within half hour drive, great condominiums, and all at about half the price you would pay in Miami, or in any other U.S. city for that matter.

It's not just Panama City's skyline (which is more reminiscent of New York than any Central American city) that looks First World. It is also the fact that things here work.
Your international phone calls go through the first time every time and electricity runs 24/7. Most of the city phone lines run on fiber optics. If efficiency and reliability are important to you - give Panama City a second chance and a close look.

Most people are surprised to learn that we have just about everything here that you will find in all of the world's major cities, from first class hotels and restaurants to shopping and entertainment. Right now, 3 brand new shopping malls are being built at a cost of around US$100 million each with everything you can imagine included.

Panama is also one of the best offshore centers in the world. Panama is one of the few places in the world worth considering. Nearly every major world bank has a full-service branch office in Panama, such as Lloyds, Citibank, HNBC, BNP/Paribas and Dresdner to name a few. And banks are real, not just paper entities like other places. Remember Panama is a real financial center.

Third, Panama has what has been considered to be the World's Best Incentive Program for Retirees.

The Panama Pensionado Visa Program, as it is called, offers retirees excellent tax holidays and dozens of money-saving discounts, such as:

Tax exemption to import a car every 2 years
Import tax exemption for furniture, appliances and fixtures up to US$10,000
  • 50% discount in movie theaters, and cultural and sporting events
  • 30% discount on train, bus, and boat transportation
  • 15% discount on loans made in your name
  • 1% reduction on home mortgages for personal use
  • 25% reduction on your water, telephone, and electricity bills
  • 20% discount on doctor visits...and much, much, more.

Plus, in Panama, there is little red tape involved in taking up residence, buying real estate, or starting a business. And the U.S. dollar has been Panama's official paper currency since 1904.

Business Panama Real Estate is truly a "one stop full service group" and we can help you with getting your Pensionado visa program, purchasing a property, relocating in Panama and providing you expert legal advice, among other services.
For more information or assistance, please Contact Us.

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