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Just a few years ago, villa, penthouse, apartment or condominiums in Panama have cost a lot of money. Today, however, the real estate in Panama dropped in price and local realtors have much more affordable deals. For the price of $100,000 today you can buy real estate in Panama of 80 square meters. Cost of penthouses and villas in Panama were also dropped, so today everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of enticing offers and buy property in the country that represents a pure democracy.

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Panama Property Hotspots: Panama Island Real Estate

The most stunning beaches are to be found on the islands of Panama. The Pearl Islands and Bocas del Toro have been in the spotlight recently as the choice location for a number of “Survivor” television
programs from twelve countries. Crystal clear waters, coral reefs, rainforests and coconut palms are back drops for sailing, diving, fishing, or merely soaking up the sun in your own piece of paradise.

Pearl Islands
From Panama City, a fifteen minute plane ride (Aeroperlas) or a two hour ferry ride to Contadora takes you into the land of pirates and pearls where over 90 islands and 130 islets make up the Archipiélago de las Perlas, named by Balboa in 1513. Buccaneers hid out here to attack Spanish Armadas laden with treasure. Oysters and their pearls are still found in these aqua colored waters. Over the centuries, pearls harvested here have adorned kings and queens of Europe, they include the 400 year old, 31-carat famous “La Peregrina” pearl now owned by Elizabeth Taylor. The calm waters are great for fishing sailing and snorkeling. Only a few of the islands are inhabited.

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This largest and most visited of the Pearl Islands was named as the counting house for the pearls. There are 13 spectacular beaches on three sides of this 1.2 island. The five coral fields around the island offer incredible snorkeling where fascinating marine life includes white tipped reef sharks, schools of tropical fish, rays and turtles in profusion. Contadora has the only officially designated nudist beach in Panama.  Here are the homes of the rich and famous. The Shah of Iran once owned a home nearby. Excursions by boat or jet-ski can be arranged to visit other islands such as Pacheca Island where magnificent frigate birds roost and bird watching is memorable.
Bocas del Toro
Follow in the wake of Christopher Columbus who found safe anchorage here in 1502.
Bocas is for the free spirit! This is a Caribbean paradise with an international flavor.
Bocas del Toro, or the “mouth of the bull” is the name of the province that borders Costa Rica in the North West corner of Panama. The islands of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro have had a more peaceful existence than some areas of the country. They were not colonized by the Spanish as little gold was found here so the Indians were left in peace. Buccaneers came here but mainly to repaired their boats and, if legends are true, bury their treasure. French Huguenots settled here in the 17th century. Later when the banana industry flourished, former slaves from other Caribbean islands and Colombia came to work. This is a diverse community indeed, where English is widely spoken and life is lived to a Caribbean beat. The area is now being discovered by international tourists (particularly since the Survivor programs) and more and more people are staying for retirement or building a second home. This may be some of the last affordable Caribbean beachfront property in the world. Business Panama will be pleased to assist you in the purchase of a home anywhere in Panama, please click here to contact us. Check out the properties on our real estate listings for this area.

This spectacular archipelago consists of six large islands and numerous small ones in an area that mostly caters to ecotourism. The emerald waters are edged by silvery sand against a back drop of the dramatic peaks of the Cordillera hills. Isla Colon is the most visited and developed island with a number of small hotels and boasts an airport with daily flights to and from Panama City and David by Aeroperlas. This is the only island with roads as most of the traffic throughout the area is by water. Most families go shopping by boat or water taxi. The best times to visit are February to April and September/October.

On these islands, you will find gorgeous beaches, where the rainforest reaches the sea and the only access is by boat, perhaps mangroves full of wild life, or with coral fields near their shores. Some of the islands are within the marine Parque Nacional Bastimentos, this provides protection for nesting turtles, aquatic birds and mammals, and consequently has terrific spots for diving, snorkeling and swimming. However, the best places for diving are Hospital Point, Coral Key, Dark Wood Reef and Punta Juan buoy. For snorkeling, the Garden near Cayo Nancy, Hospital Point and Punta Juan buoy are excellent. Boating, sport fishing and kayaking are popular everywhere. One of the most spectacular beaches is Red Frog Beach, so called because it is the only home to a thumbnail sized species of dendrobatids, bright red with black spots. Surfing is popular at Punch Beach on Isla Colon, and surfers are excited about a big reef break called Silverbacks on Bastimentos Island. If you just wish to chill out and enjoy the pleasures of sand and sea then you have miles of beach to choose from. There is something special for everyone in Bocas!

Taboga Island
This is a small group of Pacific islands that can be reached in approximately 1 hour by boat from Panama City (pier 18 Balboa twice daily),
on a weekend you will probably
require a reservation on this ferry. The island is quieter during the week. Isla Taboga at 571 hectares is the largest island, also known as the ´Island of Flowers”. It is a popular weekend destination for residents of Panama City who come to enjoy the slower pace of island life, the flowers, the beaches, and the water sports. As in most areas of Panama an island is more than its beaches, Taboga has its own area of protected rain forest and is home to one of the largest breeding colonies of brown pelicans in the world.

Taboga is older than Panama City and its tiny church is reputed to be the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. From 1515 the Spanish colonized the island until it was used by the pirates and buccaneers in the 17th century to attack the Spanish ships. Pizarro set said from here to discover Peru. You can still see ships today lining up to enter the Panama Canal and on your return to Panama City you will have an incredible view of the Bridge of the Americas.
In this oasis of tranquility there are no cars, tropical flowers are the only ones jostling for position, beautiful beaches and a green mountain rising out of the sea. Watch for humpbacks during August to October when migrating whales can be seen from the shores. Swim where Gaugin swam and take time to smell the flowers!

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